Please be advised that our lasts have been fine tuned over the last 40 years to suit typical South African feet. We use the UK sizing system, but our fit is slightly wider.

Ladies Sizes

Ladies Sizes

Men Sizes

Men Sizes

Kids Sizes

Kids Sizes

Certain men’s designs can go up to a size 13 and 14, but this has to be made on special order.


We will gladly do any glue or stitching repairs on Redemption products  for free. We also supply a resoling service on our shoes at an additional cost.

return policy

No  refunds.
Exchanges: None without receipt or proof of payment.

  • Within 2 month period
  • Only 3 pairs allowed for exchange


Discount is available on any shoes and sandals in our shop as per our three pricing options.

We accept Cash, Credit or Debit Cards

4 Pairs

Less 10%

8 Pairs

Less 15%

12 Pairs

Less 20%

product description

  • Handmade shoes with top grain leather will NOT always look perfect. It is the privilege of handmade products to have minor imperfections. That is part of its character. (Machine made shoes are clinical and are mass produced. Our products are not.)
  • We always use top grain leather. (except when using suede)
  • Top grain, drum dyed leather will at times have scratch or cut marks. (Remember: Leather is the skin of an animal)
  • Leather is a natural product and is sometimes hand dyed, therefore the colours may vary.
  • Even our lining is leather. (it is much more expensive than artificial lining)
  • Lining leather and leather insoles absorb sweat and is healthy for our feet. No bad odors!
  • Our insole board is of a top quality and is always covered with a leather sock. (some insoles have latex foam added underneath the leather sock)
  • Our shoes are fully crafted by hand with the exception of stitching and scouring.
  • Every pair is checked for quality purposes before leaving the factory.


  • We always strive to find the best soling material available at reasonable cost.
  • Different designs require different soling material. Some of our designs can be made in a variety of soling materials that we have available. Please ask our staff.
  • CARE OF SHOES: A good quality polish works well or a fat based cream like Dubbin or a leather balsam. Suede shoes can not be polished and need to be brushed.